Remove Obstacles

Speed, Paradox and Change -- The New Reality

Do these obstacles sound familiar?

    •    →  New business paradigms

       →  Globalization

   →  Heightened pressures to perform yet micro

          scrutiny to constrain resources

   →  Grow and retain your best and brightest yet

          minimize incentives and cut development

   →  Stay to your core yet innovate and grow

The paradoxical changes within the business landscape continues at amazing speed. Business demands a whole new mind in how it works.

Learn Fast, Lead Faster

With shrinking resources to manage deliverables day to day, little to no downtime for reflection and virtually zero time for formal training, how do you develop your leaders?

The need for real-time, personalized learning to ensure leaders lead faster and more effectively becomes vital to hurdling the obstacles that impede progress to business. 

That's where coaching delivers.


Solutions at the

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Breakthrough results       

rarely come when a

homogenous group of 

people get together and

validate their own  


Our work with clients requires a different kind of conversation where diverse voices intersect whether that is across functions, across businesses, across disciplines or across the globe. We believe breakthrough results happen a the intersection!

Our programs are designed using Dr. Stephen Brock's ACT framework -- delivering Awareness, Choice and Tenacity.  Our approach is always a whole-brain process. After all, the human body can't function optimally without all of the brain.  Why should your executives, teams or organization be any different?  

Accelerate Results

Executive and Emerging Leader Coaching

    Are your leaders leading faster, better, stronger in the new high-speed reality?  Our coaching programs sharpen leadership skills, develop leadership agility and boost performance. Our programs include 90-day Leadership Intensives as well as six to 12-month programs for high-potentials and emerging leaders.

Is your team operating in sync or at odds?   With speed and change as the new reality, teams no longer have the luxury of naturally evolving and gelling. When the stakes are high, team coaching delivers improved performance faster. During critical turns (mergers, new product launches, recalibrating teams) it delivers leaders a critical resource to expedite results.

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Are your leaders creating more leaders? Exponential growth depends not on your ability to create followers but on your skills and abilities to create more leaders. In today's complex organizations, coaching is proving to be a mission critical leadership competency.  Our coaching skills learning programs ensure you are Accelerating Leadership Excellence.

Our advanced Coaching Intensives help deepen coaching skills and boost leadership effectiveness in diverse areas such as conflict management, coaching for culture fit, emotional intelligence and coaching across generational lines.

Integrated Coaching-Learning Programs

You see the obstacles in your business, but training alone won't solve the problem. 

By adding coaching to key learning initiatives, you increase real world application and results by as much as 85%. 

Leadership Program Modules

Whether establishing a new leadership program or looking to next-level an existing one, we elegantly integrate our leadership modules into your program.  Our most compelling modules include:

The Power of Paradox

The Whole Executive™ with HBDI® & Genos

The Nature of Changewith ChangeWorks®

 Pride-Based Leadership


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Looking to add Emotional Intelligence to your leadership and learning initiatives?  We are pleased to host the Genos EI Certification Program in Atlanta twice a year.  Download the complete EI Certification Program overview or email Jodie Charlop or contact via phone at +1 877-673-0191, Ext. 100 to be considered for our next public class.

SHRM ATLANTA ATTENDEES! We enjoyed sponsoring SHRM Atlanta's Conference.  We hope you'll take advantage of our INSIGHTS DISCOVERY or CHANGEWORKS DIAGNOSTIC if you are evaluating tools for your team and leadership development engagements.

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Be honest! How are your leaders showing up?

Research shows 36% of a leader's success is directly linked to emotional intelligence.  While not a new concept -- the reality is how do you take it from a fuzzy soft concept to a practical set of learned skills that your leaders can practice. 

Need to make a business case in your organization on the value of EI as a mission critical set of skills?  Join our EI learning community and we'll send you the complimentary Genos white paper:   A Compelling Business Case for Emotional Intelligence.

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