If you want to grow a business, solve a problem.

In the beginning, we were all great coaches doing great work with thriving independent practices. One day in 2009, a cup of coffee with a client merged our individual business trajectories. That morning she said: “I just hate working with them.” With “them” being a large training organization that provided her with lots of products, add-on coaches and the scale that she needed across the globe, but with no common thread that connected the dots of their unique business needs and culture. The Great Recession of 2008 had paradoxically created an incredible demand and constraint for our clients. “They’re not easy to work with, their offices are in-fighting on budgets, they don’t tie things together and candidly, I see better results out of our independent coaches and consultants.”

‘’I need more of YOU!’’

access to team of consultants and coaches“Your results are getting us exactly what we need right now, but I can’t manage the administration and complexity of so many independent coaches and consultants…I need 30 of you!” She wasn’t alone. Many clients were sharing similar pain points.  That got us thinking – what if we could bring together the best independent coaches, consultants, facilitators and leadership learning professionals from across the globe to give clients and coaches the best of both worlds?

Becoming a go-to resource

Exceleration Partners global connectionsAnd thus the Exceleration Partners story began. Clients began to ask for more recommendations and resources. “How many coaches can you bring to our coaching roster in Atlanta? Can you help us design our emerging leader program in Tampa? When can you add a couple of coaches in Dallas? Is your emotional intelligence program accessible for our team in Hong Kong? Can you facilitate a board offsite in London?” We believe in abundance and intentionally make it easy for our clients to tap our global network for great bodies of work, innovative programming, and awesome coaches to help them solve their greatest leadership challenges.

95% of our business continues to come from referrals

Virtual chat with Exceleration PartnersFast forward to today and we continue to grow and connect our network to benefit the global needs of our clients. We’re not about selling one-off programs, yet another assessment or the latest leadership fad or idea of the day. Our clients trust us because they know we recommend the best possible solution to help them achieve their goals — even if that means it’s not us. We believe our reputation is only as good as the results we generate and the reliability and value of the resources we recommend — and that’s why 95% of our business continues to come from happy clients and word of mouth. If you’re reading our story today, let’s have a virtual coffee to discuss how our network of exceptional coaches and consultants can help you solve your greatest leadership learning challenges.

EP Core Values

Results + Relationships = Sustainable Outcomes – we are human-centered and don’t believe that profitability and humanity are mutually exclusive

Excellence – we operate from a growth mindset and believe that breakthrough results come from a continuous state of learning

EP core value - personal responsibilityPersonal Responsibility – we own our outcomes resulting from our choices, behaviors, and actions and advocate the same for our leaders

EP core value - collaborationCollaboration – we believe that we stand stronger together than we do alone

Ease – today’s landscape requires agility and we honor that in our processes and how we work with our clients

Now that you know about us, we would like to know about you.