Leadership Power for Women
Are you losing high potential women in search of a stronger path to leadership?

Don’t let the complexities of organizational norms form roadblocks for the high potential women on your teams. Create a well-developed path for women looking to evolve into new levels of leadership.

Despite perceptions that women have more opportunity than ever, the fact remains that women aren’t advancing to the highest levels of our largest institutions. Less than 15 percent hold executive and officer-level roles at Fortune 500 companies and less than 2 percent of CEOs are women. To close the gender gap and foster a more gender-rich leadership environment, the business world needs to cultivate the women’s leadership pipeline. At Exceleration Partners, we are passionate about accelerating women’s talents and being part of making that shift happen.

“The world will be saved by the western woman.”
Dalai Lama XIV

  • Coaching Women to Lead

    Do we need to coach women differently from men? The research, dialogs and evidence based on collectively coaching 900 women indicates a resounding yes. Organizations need to move away from one-size-fits-all leadership training strategies that have prevailed for decades and were largely institutionalized by men. At EP, we realized that we have consistently coached women who are leaning in but frustrated by lack of growth and advancement and simultaneously hear from our corporate leaders that there aren’t enough women in their high potential pipeline. To actively address this disconnect and cultivate gender-rich workplaces, we work to identify critical insights and develop specific coaching programs to help women to bridge the gender gap and progress into a space where they can lead.

  • A Bridge to Leadership

    More women in leadership is good for business. Then why has the gender gap remained flat-lined? The key to moving the needle is to focus on women’s current misperceptions about leadership and the role it plays in their career future. As an answer to this, we design coaching dialogs to accelerate through common obstacles and help women create space to examine how career and leadership link. But the work must start much earlier than the high potential level. We should address women’s issues earlier, when they are emerging leaders and middle managers – when they are pre-potentials. These are women full of possibility but untapped and unable to mobilize the cross-over to visible, supported high-potential programs and roles. If we can’t get them to the high potential stage consistently over time, they will leave the workforce and the gap will persist.

  • Building Power

    With knowledge, strategies and a plan, women can avoid career conflict and stalled advancement. EP’s evidence-based approach puts obstacles on the table so women can design a more conscious and powerful path to leadership. Through assessment, interactive lecture, coaching and peer dialog, we help women change their personal script about leadership to unleash their greater potential – and ensure organizations are not deprived of the value of exceptional female talent. We teach women how to instill new awareness, create conscious choice and set the stage for practical actions they can apply in the current world of work. This way, pre-potential women increase professional value and career satisfaction as they truly build power and make next level leadership choices that begin to fill the women’s leadership pipeline.

“After attending Leadership Power for Women, I found the power within me to decide my future, my leadership potential and my destination.  With coaching, I made my break out of middle management, feel empowered and realize I can achieve the C-suite. I have never been happier in my career.”

Former middle manager, current SVP and future COO,
Global Professional Services Organization


Leadership Power for Women

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