Effective Leadership Learning
Does your leadership learning help your leaders rise to their highest potential?

To rise above the same old leadership programming offered today, you need context
and a common thread approach – not just disparate training sessions.

In the US alone, companies spend $14 Billion per year on leadership development, but top executives aren’t confident we are growing better leaders. Let’s be honest – do you? At Exceleration Partners, we deliver learning programs that blend well-researched frameworks with a practical coach approach – so your next generation of leaders feel empowered and capable to lead effectively when change and uncertainty are the norm and success requires engaging diverse points of view in real time to solve your business challenges.

Our programs are designed in context of the challenges you are facing today and practically tailored to the level and knowledge base of your emerging and high-potential leaders.


Some of our most requested programs include:

“They are so good at listening and understanding and probing to get at what the best learning solution might be. They are also willing to guide us to other sources and vendors to ensure we achieve maximum results. That’s very refreshing.”

Director, People Ops
Global Enterprise Software Company


McKinsey Article


Why is your leadership program failing?

Leadership Learning with EP

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Clients are always asking us what we are reading so we like to share what our partners have on their nightstand right now. Want to know more about our favorite readings and resources? Visit our Knowledge Center!

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman demonstrates in his New York Times best selling book how easy it is for humans to swerve away from rationality.